Recordings for Women’s Wellness Weekend

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1. Hypnosis Experience: Sleep Deeply

Live recording from Women’s Wellness Weekend. This hypnosis recording is designed to promote relaxation and deep sleep. Great to listen to before bedtime.

2. Hypnosis Experience: De-stress and Abundance

Take a walk on the beach and open up to your subconscious mind…to let go of stress and embrace the riches of life.

3. Hypnosis Experience: Chakra Activation

The Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.
You can think of chakras as invisible, rechargeable batteries. Chakras connect your spiritual body to your physical one.

This recoding uses hypnosis techniques to create a deeply relaxing state of mind coupled with guided visualization to activate the conscious and subconscious mind to promote positive energy flow within to balance mind body and sprit.

4. Guided Meditation: Opening the Heart

This unique mediation is a mental and physical exercise to promote mindfulness — to become the knower of oneself, in the moment (physically, emotionally and mentally) and connect with your higher self.

5. Subliminal Recording: Personal Empowerment

Subliminal recordings embedded positive affirmations into a masking track (music) below your conscious hearing and for creating new patterns of unconscious thinking. This recording contains positive affirmations to promote inner strength and a positive sense of wellbeing. The music on the track employs special technology to help stimulate alpha brainwaves to enhance its effectiveness.