I had been struggling with severe travel anxiety for years. I did the traditional therapies, but nothing helped. A friend of mine mentioned Hillary Evans. I gave her a call. We talked about what she could do for me. I felt better right then. After only a few sessions with her I had to take a trip. I used her methods and it was AMAZING!!! I had little anxiety taking this important trip. Hillary saved me. Now I’m looking forward to trips with ease!!! Thank you, Hillary!

Jennifer B., Goose Creek SC

Hillary has given me the tools to overcome some of my own personal obstacles. I had great uncertainties with a direction of my career and she helped guide me through those blocks. She is very intuitive and bright and was able to help me by using her gift of hypnosis. If your are seeking help with any life challenges I highly recommend you reach out to Hillary.

Debbie H., Johns Island SC

After many many attempts to learn how to swim, at the age of 70 I was determined to finally learn. I have taken lessons as a child and as an adult but had a fear of water because I almost drowned twice as a child. I knew just taking lessons again would not do any good until I conquered my fear. I contacted Hillary Evans and inquired about hypnotherapy. I had five sessions and took swimming lessons and finally feel comfortable in the water and learned how to swim.  I will never be a competitive swimmer, but I know I can save myself and I feel comfortable in the water.  The sessions we had are recorded so I can listen to them again and again when I need to be reminded to relax and let my subconscious take over.  It is without reservation that I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Hillary Evans.

Pat K., Johns Island SC

Hillary is phenomenal. I was given tools and a way to communicate with my deep subconscious in order to encourage change within. The sessions were incredibly different than I had imagined, in a positive way. Hillary is personable, organized, and stays current in her research and methodology.

Lynsey E., Columbia SC

I am a person who can conquer most things when I set my mind to something, but a few years ago I had a sticking point and decided to see if Hillary could help me with it. It was a wonderful experience and it worked. She takes the time to get to know you and understand your struggles and your goals. I continue to go back to Hillary and I have found her to be an invaluable person for me to work with.*

Angie H., Charleston SC

I am a Nurse Practitioner student. Online hypnosis is a new experience for me, this has been a nice experience for building my confidence up in all areas of learning & understanding. After listening to hypnosis sessions, I can honestly say they are absolutely the best. The service is fantastic and the range of knowledge is the most impressive. These are the only hypnosis sessions I have used myself. I highly recommend TrueHypnosis with Hillary Evans!*

E.E. California

You are truly amazing!!! Your talking, I’ve tried everything. The chantex, gum, patches everything you can think of, the cravings were unbearable for me! Then I have to agree I was skeptical about hypnosis! Then I met you!!! I almost fell asleep while you were talking to me in the beginning, before we had the hypnosis! Haven’t had any anxiety or need for a cigarette!!!😀💕you are my Angle from God!😇 It’s been since February 11th 19 day’s and still have no desire to smoke! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!💖*

J. W., Charleston SC

I highly recommend Hillary at True Hypnosis. She is so warm and inviting from the moment you meet her and the entire experience was life changing and eye opening. I was skeptical about my ability to be put under hypnosis, and I can tell you that it really works. I would recommend this for anyone struggling with an issue or just wanting to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself (mind and body).*

Tammy S., Mt. Pleasant SC

I have to admit. I was a bit nervous to go see Hillary. I was raised in a good, Southern family, where we didn’t really talk about our feelings – so seeing a therapist, let alone a hypnotherapist was an intimidating prospect for me. From the moment I arrived in Hillary’s office, she made me feel comfortable. After I left, she provided me with a recording of our session so I could continue to work on the issues I discussed with her. Hillary is wonderful, kind and warm- and her ability to help through hypnosis has been a lifesaver for me.*

Rebecca E., Charleston SC

Hillary Evans is an incredible person and a truly gifted hypnotist! Her processes are magical and the methods/tools she provides are sound fixes for improving your life choices and self awareness as well as your confidence. “Re-lax” you’ve got this💕*

Priscilla W., Charlotte NC

Hillary IS an incredible person, a great hypnotist and working with her IS life changing. Life changing as it relates to what issue you want to address and as it relates to what this profession is all about. For me, what Hillary provides is a pragmatic approach to helping you tune your brain for what your conscious mind wants vs the subconscious. In my case, I had some anxiety in my job search and while I was executing the mechanics of the search, when I won that interview, I was failing to make the case. Hillary helped me identify the problem and then helped me with techniques to deal with and then remove this anxiety. Yesterday, I was offered a job after a successful series of interviews! Thank you, Hillary!*

Jerry L., Charlotte NC

Hillary. Thanks again for all your help. There’s been a big, positive, forward-looking change in my life in the last 60 days. You are taking your gift from God and making it a blessing for others. What could be better than to go through life like that?*

Blair M., Mt. Pleasant SC

Since working with Hillary I haven’t wanted a cigarette and cravings have been minor to null. Even hangin’ with my smoking buddy and I didn’t even crave the cigarette and didn’t consider bumming one from him either. I really wish more people would use this method to quit smoking. There is some powerful and meaningful to quit using your technique versus pills (or another chemical).

You truly offer a special service.
Thank you very much.*

Jason M., Charleston SC

Talk about a life-changing experience to work with Hillary. She is impeccably professional and a true leader in the field of hypnotherapy. She has a great attitude, prompt delivery and genuinely cares about her clients moving forward. She will exceed your expectations. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.*

Rachael M., Mt. Pleasant SC

Hillary is a pleasure to work with! She immediately puts you at ease, thoroughly explains the process and asks detailed questions about your personal goals. She is patient, intelligent, intuitive and caring. Hillary was able to facilitate amazing positive changes for me; ones that I’ll carry with me well into the future.*

Chloë U., Charleston SC

I not only thank Hillary but give her praise for giving me the confidence and tools to stop vaping. When I first spoke with her and made the appointment, I had decided it was time to end my dependence on my vape. I had started a new decade in life and decided it was time. As the appointment approached, I was reluctant to go and felt I was not ready to stop. Hillary immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. I had 1 session and am happy to say I am vape free! I highly recommend Hillary’s service to maximize your ability to conquer any roadblock you face to reach the best you!*

Joe S., Charleston SC

I have been suffering with insomnia for decades, but the last couple years have really been horrible. I tried everything available – doctor visits, melatonin, sleeping pills, essential oils with diffuser, music for sleeping, white noise, bedtime yoga, acupuncture. The acupuncture would work for a while, but when the next stressful event happened in my life (and there were many), the insomnia would start again. I was functioning on 1-2 hours of sleep every night for months at a time. I would get migraine headaches weekly, which was how my body reacted from the lack of sleep. Going to see a hypnotherapist was my last option. I believed that if hypnotherapy couldn’t help, I was going to have a shorten life. Hillary Evans was able to help me get to the root of my troubles, where all other professionals wanted to mask the problem and prescribe more medication. Taking more medication was the last thing I wanted to do and refused to do. On my first visit with Hillary she gave me a couple recording to listen to. I would listen to them while lying in bed at night. On the fifth night of listening to the recording, I actually fell asleep at some point. I awoke and the recording was off. At this point I knew that hypnotherapy was helping my insomnia. During my treatment (5 visits), there were days when I actually awoke feeling happy. That was a glorious feeling. Hillary was able to help me get to the root of my insomnia problem and to deal with it. Although I have had several stressful events since my last visit with Hillary, I do not, and did not, have the weight of stress sitting on my chest, which would exacerbate the insomnia. I am now able to deal with the stresses of life and get sleep at the same time. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. Hillary has changed my life.*

Susan H., Johns Island SC

I found True Hypnosis when looking into alternatives to traditional counseling/therapy, and I could not be more thankful for the results that I have manifested since working with Hillary. After a significant job transition last year, I was experiencing immense stress and anxiety that was beginning to affect my physical health. Even the smallest stressors would cause symptoms of a panic attack that would linger for hours or even days, until the next episode. After one session with Hillary, I noticed immediate changes in my demeanor. In fact, I was able to use the tools and techniques from our initial session for an incident that very afternoon. As we continued to work together, I noticed that these earlier stressors affected me less and less to the point that I don’t even register them as stressors any longer. My immediate family and colleagues have even noticed a change in my overall demeanor and have commented that I seem so much more relaxed and happy now! I cannot give enough praise about Hillary and her practice. She is kind, caring and down-to-earth – I felt at ease and trusted her from the moment I met her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to finally achieve their breakthrough!*

Thanks again so much for everything!
Katie H., Charleston SC

I cannot say enough about Hillary and her ability to help me finally quit smoking through hypnosis. I have smoked for a very long time…embarrassingly long. I have tried countless times to quit, using a lot of different tools over many years, and nothing stuck. Fed up with patches, gum, e-cigarettes, medicine and cold turkey, I decided to give hypnosis a try. From our very first conversion on the phone through my session Hillary was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Walking out of her office after my session I felt differently than any other time I have tried to quit smoking. I know that this time, is the last time…and that feels amazing.

Thank you so much for helping me take my life back!*

Caren Robbins, Charleston SC

I highly recommend Hillary Evans and TrueHypnosis. She is a consummate professional.
I found her practice when looking for a performance coach for my profession. I wanted to feel more fluid, relaxed and poised in what are often high stakes interactions with clients and prospects.

She created a positive, encouraging environment. We started by framing up why and how hypnosis works. I appreciated that she truly made me an active, engaged partner in the process. It was easy to have a rapport with her and grow confident in my ability to use the tools she helped me develop.

I consider Hillary to be a most-valued advisor. And hypnosis to be a valuable tool for many aspects of my life.*

Howard G., Beaufort SC

I started going to Hillary as I began preparing for my wedding in France, a move to Europe, and the sale of my house and tying up of loose ends here in Charleston. I felt so overwhelmed and lacked focus, I didn’t know where to start. With her guidance and tools, I was able to focus my thoughts, decide what was important to me and what I wanted my future to look and feel like! We covered topics like; losing the last 10 pounds before the big day, abundance, and getting the creative juices flowing!

Hillary set the tone for a comfortable, safe, environment to open up and clear the blocks that were holding me back. I had several “a-ha” moments during my time with Hillary and I walked away with audio recordings of our sessions to build on the amazing work and progress that we started!

If that voice in your head isn’t speaking to you in a positive, nurturing way, Hillary can help change that dialogue so it works for you and not against you.*

C.J. Charleston , SC

I’ve gone to Hillary for 2 separate issues over the past few years and the experience has been nothing short of life changing. The issues I was dealing with are almost non-existent and I’m in the best place I’ve ever been mentally and spiritually.

Hillary is fantastic to work with, and truly cares about the success of her clients. If you care about your mental health, this is is the best investment you can make.*

Paul D. Mt. Pleasant, SC

I would just like to say I highly recommend this Hypnotist! Hillary Evans is very Professional, Keen and Good at what she does. I had a huge life changing event coming up. I needed to pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) so I could get into a good University. I not only passed after getting my personalized hypnosis recording, I also got the scores I needed to study at an Engineering school. She helped me stay calm, relaxed and helped me enjoy my math test. The results speak for themselves.
I got a 400 in Math and 410 in English it was enough to start my degree program and pursue my degree! Thanks to her great work,
I now have a chance to pursue a successful career! Thank you Hilary Evans!*

Hannele Kahkonen, Valkeakoski Finland

Hypnotherapy from Hillary Evans and the gastric band technique has been super effective at getting rid of bad eating habits resulting in about 10 or more pounds of weight loss per month over several months. I now have more energy, I look and feel better and I’m getting better sleep at night. I wish I had met Hillary earlier in my life and recommend her to everyone. If you’re ready to make changes that will stick, make a plan to call her and setup an appointment.*

Warm Regards!
Norm Delson, Charleston SC

Hillary’s expertise gave me all the tools I needed to quit smoking after just our initial session. I had smoked for 12 years & without her help I don’t know if I could have done it alone. I highly recommend her services if you need help to quit smoking*

Jordan T., Charleston SC

I first started seeing Hillary to correct issues I had talking in public or on the phone. I would stutter and get tongue tied. Hillary was amazing and corrected my speech issues in 5 sessions. Really she corrected my communication issues in 3 sessions, the last 2 sessions reinforced what she had done and helped me in life in general. I cannot overemphasize how much this has helped me in life.

I was so pleased with my success I returned to Hillary for help in two other areas I wanted help with.

In 2016 I went to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. It was a $10,000 buy in (father’s day present from my son). I wanted to give my best effort at the $8,000,000 first prize. I had 3 sessions with Hillary to instill in me that I play my best. I did not win the big prize but I lasted 3 days against the best poker players from all over the world. I accredit a lot of my success to Hillary.

I also play in billiard tournaments and leagues. I have had sessions with Hillary to help me play my best and keep my focused on my game and not let outside distractions affect my game. After these sessions my game did improve.

If you are reading this testimonial you probably have a reason to see Hillary so reach out. Again I cannot overemphasize how much my life has changed for the better and I am 70 years old, never too late.*

Dennis M., North Charleston SC

Hillary was very comfortable to work with. I started smoking at 14 years old. The last two years I have tried everything to quit: medicine, the patch, the gum, cold turkey….. nothing worked. I go in for one session and haven’t smoked a cigarette since. It’s very odd, it’s like a part of you is gone, in the best way possible. My taste and smell have come back, which is great because I’m a chef. And I’ve got an extra $240 in the bank, which is great because I’m a chef. It’s a truly liberating feeling.*

Ben E., Charleston SC

Working with Hillary was great! Knowing how effective hypnosis can be (years ago I went for my sudden fear of flying), I called Hillary to get me on the right track for weight loss. My life has changed. My relationship with food has changed. I feel great! I did not want another “diet” but was seeking a life change and Hillary gave me the power to make it happen. She is so encouraging, responsive and the perfect person to tackle whatever challenge you may be encountering in your life.*

Kristin L.,Mount Plesant SC

After unsuccessfully attempting to quit sugar multiple times I attended hypnosis with Hilary Evans and was not only underwent hypnosis but was provided several tools incorporating mindfulness to help resist sugary foods. I have successfully gone without sugar and even artificial sugar for over a month with no issues and minimal cravings. I would absolutely recommend hypnosis for difficult habits you are trying to break!*

Ashton G., Charleston SC

Finding Hillary Evans was so exciting. Working with her provided an insight into the underlying issues (that I didn’t realize I had) contributing to my sugar cravings. Hillary has given me the tools to be successful.*

Edwin H., Charleston SC

Wowwww TrueHypnosis gave me a second chance to become who I wanted to be. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shake the need of sugar and carbs! As long I can remember they we’re apart of my life and especially during my hard times. The love for it was a temporary fix like alcohol and drugs for some. Afterwards, I will feel bad, drained, no energy, and of course weight gain. I felt I will never lose weight, because of the love and my consumption of these all the time. The depression was strong because of this. I prayed and was lead to Hillary Evans, TrueHypnosis. I was hypnotized to not eat complex carbs, sugar, as well as, to eat very healthy and exercise. Since, my first session with Hillary I haven’t touched sugar or carbs. Exercising is a must for me.

I went shopping and walked down the aisle with the cakes and bread…..a sickness came upon me…..I had to get out of there. I tried to eat a piece of candy, it made me gag!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT, I AM DELIVERED FROM THIS LONG LIFE ENTRAPMENT!! I cried…..I never thought I would see this day. Thank you Hillary!! Thank you TrueHypnosis!! I love you and will FOREVER BE GRATEFUL FOR YOU!! I advise for anyone who have a flaw that keep you stuck and depress, because there is no way to get away from it. I am a true testimony, it WORKS!! IT WORKS!! The most importance of it all, Hillary has one of the best attitude I have encountered in a person. She makes you feel comfortable and confident!! Love her!!!*

Tameca H., Hannahan SC

As an aging endurance athlete, attaining ideal weight for peak performance became increasingly difficult. I turned to True Hypnosis for help. After setting the intentions, Hillary implanted suggestions which included the goal, portion control, mindful consumption of food and healthy eating. It worked. I now feel in control of my food intake and cravings…I strongly recommend that anyone who has significant difficulties with food consult True Hypnosis for assistance.*

Colin I., Charleston SC

All of my friends and family are very much aware of my fear of flying. I had exhausted every option, including, but not limited to, self help Books/classes, talking to pilots and even medication to try to comfortably get on a plane without a panic attack. Fortunately, one of my girlfriends recommended Hillary Evans and Hypnotherapy to me. After one session I was able to successfully get on an unexpected flight to NYC with little anxiety. After the fourth and final session I was actually excited to get on a very long plane ride to Europe. Which by the way was very enjoyable.
The skills/techniques, meditation and self awareness I learned was priceless! The gift of comfort, security and a “better-self” is something that I will have! Thank you so much Hillary!*

Denning A., Charleston SC

After a successful session with Hillary in the past, I decided to approach her with a new challenge, Sales Reluctance. Through my life I have been challenged with anxiety over rejection during the sales process. Hillary helped me put the anxiety in perspective and provided me with some tools to manage it. The solution was most recently tested during a job interview. I was able to speak confidently and without anxiety. I attribute this result to the sessions I completed with Hillary. She has proven again to be an ally in facing the challenges that life brings. I find great value in Hillary’s help.*

Michael O., James Island, SC

My 9 ball pool team recently played in tournament. I was shooting good before the tournament but I knew I could do better. Hillary has been a great help to me on some other issues so I contacted her and asked is she could help on sports related issues. Her response was “Sure I help a lot of golfers with their game.” A month before the tournament I had a session with Hillary about shooting pool. When tournament time came around I was at the top of my game. I played two matches. A total of 40 points could be scored. I out scored my opponents 31 to 9. It was the best score on my team. All of my team members commented on how much my game has improved and it has. Thanks to Hillary my approach to the game, concentration, confidence and focus are greatly improved allowing me bring my game to a new level I have never had before. Thank you again Hillary.*

Dennis M., North Charleston SC

I had the pleasure of working with Hillary over the last few months to overcome my tendency to overeat sugar both in stressful situations and as a reward, which was causing me to hold on to excess weight. I was amazed with the results! I, a lifelong lover of all things sweet, was suddenly repulsed by the cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods I’d binge on when I got home from work. I dropped 15 lbs. without altering anything else in my life, and, through subsequent sessions, rekindled my love for exercise and reprogrammed myself to eat small, healthful meals and to be present while eating. Hillary was a pleasure to work with throughout. Scheduling was easy; she’s a pro who obviously knows a lot about her profession and cares a great deal about her clients, and she was always on time, responsive and thorough. What’s more, the meditations helped me slow down and reconnect with what is important to me, and since they’re recorded, I can listen to them any time I want. Do this for yourself. You won’t regret it.*

Amy H. Daniel Island, SC

I had tried everything; therapy, coping skills, ointments, medication you name it. I just couldn’t stop biting my nails. After 33 years of this habit, Hilary was able to get to the root of the problem and stop the behavior in just 3 sessions. She is amazing and has changed my life.*

Ashley L. Mt Pleasant, SC

I have suffered with White Coat Syndrome for the past 40 years. Always afraid to go to the doctor because the blood pressure would be high and just knowing that I had to go would cause severe anxiety. I have tried all the self help CD’s, books, breathing techniques just to name a few, and as determined as I was, nothing seemed to make any difference. I just kept telling myself it was going to be okay and not to be afraid. Nothing seemed to change no matter how determined I was, until I made my appointment with Hillary. I recently had my yearly check-up and my blood pressure was normal. This has not happened in 40 years. I am so happy that I decided to consult with Hillary and finally found someone who could help me. My experience with her during the sessions were so peaceful and relaxing. The best decision I have ever made was to consult with Hillary. I only wish I could have found her sooner. Thank you Hillary. Your the best!*

Molly C. Summerville, SC

Having smoked off and on for 40 years I considered myself one of those smokers that could “put them down” anytime I wanted, but I could not.  I was motivated to stop a deadly habit and made an appointment with Hillary. After one session with Hillary I no longer felt the urge to smoke, even at my typical trigger times.  After three sessions I am not smoking, not thinking about smoking and doing much healthier activities.  I strongly recommend Hillary Evans for help in re-directing behavior and attitudes in a caring environment.*

Kathryn H. Johns Island, SC

This experience was more than I could ask for. I went in with the goal of solving a couple of problems and emerged with excellent results that have helped me better myself and problems dealing with anxiety and apprehension. If you are struggling with anxiety or like problems I highly recommend you seek her help.*

H.W., Aiken, SC

TrueHypnosis has been a great way for me to become much more aware of myself and the people around me! I am more patient, focused, relaxed and clear about my feelings, needs and goals.
I’ve made significant progress with my golf game, both in terms of pleasure and performance.
I think my work with Hillary has given me the courage and clarity to ‘follow my own star,’ in several areas of my life: Thank you, Hillary.*

Helen P., Boston, MA

Hillary is a gem. She provides a safe and comfortable environment as she coaches you through sorting out issues that hold you back from being your best self. I find her to be an ally in my life.

I came to her with confusing thoughts of my past that were clouding my ability to focus on my happiness and health. I was looking for a way to settle my mind and restore joy and peace to my life. She provided me with tools to help me master my thoughts instead of being tormented by them. I can say that the time spent with her enhanced my life. I utilize the lessons I’ve learned daily and continue to improve as I practice what she has taught me about my mind and the importance of having balance.

Hillary is great!*

Michael O., Mt Pleasant, SC

My experience with Hillary has truly been transformative! When I first came to see her I was lost. I was plagued by low self-confidence, feeling unmotivated and incapable of changing my life or career. Honestly, I was skeptical of hypnosis and I told Hillary this. It’s an amazing feeling when you finally trust and allow something to help change your life.
That is what a few sessions with Hillary did for me! I now have a deep sense of peace and self-confidence within myself which is priceless. I see the world and myself differently and when your able to think differently your life/reality changes and opportunities open up. I am now pursuing my dream job! Thank you for all of your help!*

Marie B., Mt Pleasant, SC

I worked with Hillary Evans doing hypnotherapy to help deal with issues I have with self-esteem and the lasting impacts of trauma. I have been seeing a traditional therapist for many years prior to doing sessions with her. In a relatively short period of time, Hillary gave me the tools to stop an old script from running in my life that creates negative outcomes. In her lovely, calm voice, she programmed sessions for me to listen to that replace these old and unwanted scripts with something new and profound. One day, I was feeling harried and rushed, and I wanted to cancel our appointment. She was patient with me, and asked me a series of questions. Instead of having a cancelled appointment, Hillary improvised one of the most meaningful sessions that we had, leading to breakthroughs in healing. After several sessions of working with Hillary, I can say that she has my vote of confidence. If you are ready to break out of old modes of thinking and live a more vibrant lifestyle, hypnotherapy sessions with Hillary need to be placed high on your list.*

Cindy M. San Diego, CA

Hillary Evans changed my life. I’ve have hypnotic sessions or suggestions really in the past, but nothing like the sessions I have experienced with Hillary. After only four sessions I now have the tools I need at my fingertips to control my desires and to make things happen in my life that I never thought possible. Her voice is amazing and the sessions feel completely safe. My trust level is astonishing considering the short time I have worked with her so far. I hope to continue my hypnotherapy as issues arise that I need help with, not just learning to handle situations that trip me up but also to understand where they come from and how they affect my choices.*

Elle H., Mt Pleasant, SC

I am an avid golfer, who recently retired, and I have been dreaming about having more free time to play golf. So I was much dismayed when my game took a downturn. I did well on the range but just lost it when I hit the course. It got so bad that I was about to give up playing all together. Working with Hillary has been been godsend. She taught me how to use a secret anchor to connect to the hypnosis when I am playing and it really works. After just a few sessions with Hillary I am not only playing better, I am actually winning. My friends asked me what I did and I struggled with telling them as I want to keep my edge. I have to say the winning is great, but what is even better is that I didn’t have to give up the thing I love most. Thank you Hillary!*

John T., Mt Pleasant, SC

I am a 68 year old male who has struggled with anxiety and claustrophobia issues for half of my adult life. Recently I was diagnosed with head & neck cancer. After surgery I found out part of my treatment would require me to wear a form-fitted mask over my face, neck and shoulders, which would then be secured to the table so I could not move during 30 radiation treatments. As you can imagine, my “issues” became paramount and I reached out for Hillary’s help to get me through this process. My treatments will begin shortly but with Hillary’s guidance I was successfully able to have my custom-made mask done without any difficulty. This was a HUGE obstacle for me to get over and I know that without Hillary’s help this would not have been possible for me to accomplish. Her compassion, techniques and professionalism has helped me immensely and I will continue to work with her as I navigate through this journey that lies ahead of me.*

Richard H. Summerville S.C.

I sought treatment from Hillary for my sugar addiction. Sugar had left me overweight, sluggish, fatigued and unable to keep up with the physical and mental energy demands of properly connecting with and caring for my four young children. Hillary provided a safe, welcoming and judgement-free environment to discover the emotional causes of my addiction. Although I had tried to eliminate sugar from my diet many times before, employing sheer will power only lasted a few days at best. The white-knuckle approach left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and defeated. Through Hillary’s techniques, I healed the root cause of my need for sugar and I am positive it will be a life-long change. Not only do I no longer drink soft drinks or eat cookies, brownies and candy, I no longer WANT them. I am eating healthier and began to see health benefits after only one week. My oldest son has even expressed a desire to stop drinking sodas. What we model as parents affects our children and I am grateful to Hillary for guiding me to set a good example for my family.

Again, thank you for all you have done for me!*

Amy W. Ridgeville S.C.

Leading up to a big trip that would include several long, international flights, I reached out to Hillary to see if she could help with my severe fear and discomfort while flying. Though we had only a few sessions together before my departure, I noticed a clear difference in my mental state during take-off for the first leg of the journey. I was much more calm, and able to use the tools Hillary had provided me with to remain that way over the course of the entire flight. This change proved invaluable during the next several months and allowed me more enjoyment while traveling and freedom from my old states of near-panic while in the air.*

Erika S. Astoria N.Y.

For most of my adult life I’ve suffered from anxiety attacks triggered by many social scenarios. This led me to live what I call a half life for most of that time. Through her efforts Hillary has given me tools to use to help overcome these triggers. The environment where her treatments take place is comfortable and relaxing. Hillary approaches each session with care and concern that is reassuring.
I highly recommend trying Hillary’s service to help remedy any impediments that diminish the quality of ones life.*

Dave C. Charleston S.C.

After struggling with my sugar addiction for years I decided to give hypnosis a try to eliminate my craving for food with sugar in it. My goal was to lose 25 pounds within about a 3 month period. I went online, did a search and found TrueHypnosis/Hillary Evans and gave her a call. That was in December of last year. After the holiday’s etc. I made an appointment and went in on January 22, 2015. Today is February 19th. I’ve already lost about 14 pounds. I’ve gone from 195 to 181 pounds by completely eliminating my craving for anything with sugar in it and watching the other stuff I eat. (My diet was already pretty good other than the cookies, ice cream etc) I’m sure I’ll have no problem achieving my goal of weighing 175 pounds by April 15th. Sugar truly is poison. I went back for another appointment 10 days later to fine tune some things to replace the late night need to put something in my mouth. I’m now drinking water. It works! If you have an addiction issue I highly recommend TrueHypnosis/Hillary Evans.*

Bill H., Wando S.C.

At my new job, I am responsible for a million little details and expected to remember everything on our menu. I have terrible memory retention which therefore gives me super test anxiety. Hillary suggested I come see her before a big work test and she’d help ease my anxiety and my mind about my worries. Studying alone was not working. I couldn’t seem to retain anything I was reading! After one, that’s right-one, session with Hillary it felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I studied the next few days, retained everything I read and heard, and aced my exam. Hillary’s technique is perfect for everything I needed and didn’t know I needed. This was better than any study buddy I could have ever had-Thanks Hillary!*

Carrie M., Charleston S.C.

Before working with Hillary, I felt as though my habit of biting my nails was one that I would never be able to overcome. From our very first session though, Hillary not only gave me the confidence to believe that this was a habit that could be changed, but she taught me some wonderful tools for coping with and addressing this habit in the future. I feel better equipped to deal with stresses in this life in a more healthy and productive way after working with her. Hillary truly cares about the well-being of her clients and is invested in producing the best outcomes possible through hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend Hillary to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life!*

Amanda B., Mt Pleasant, SC

Honestly, Hillary Evans at TrueHypnosis is my “she-ro.” My life was in shambles. My weight had started out last January at 440 pounds, and all systems were shutting down – and fast. I decided on bypass surgery, which begins with losing as much weight as possible prior to surgery. I am in Spartanburg, SC, and Hillary is in Charleston, and I was on oxygen 24/7. There was no way I could drive to Charleston. Hillary did hypnosis on me over the phone. At first, I was somewhat skeptical, but, as they say, seeing is believing. She helped me to follow the eating and exercise plans. I had lost 70 pounds BEFORE surgery.

Then she created a guided meditation and hypnosis recording that I played nightly to help me alleviate the fear that I would die during the surgery. The doctor had told me there was a very possible chance of just that. Because of Hillary, I went in relaxed and all was fine.

It has now been three months since my surgery, and I have lost a total of 140 pounds. My diabetes is gone after 15 years. Blood pressure stabilized. I used to take 32 pills a day. Now I take 4, and one of them is baby aspirin. I was so lethargic I let life pass me by for years. I am now alive and feeling vibrant, doing a book tour, writing two more plus a screenplay, writing songs and recording my 6th album in the Spring. I owe a lot of this to the kindness and professionalism and skill of Hillary Evans. I cannot begin to tell you how much this hypnotherapy changed my life. Thank you Hillary!*

Michael Buffalo Smith, Spartanburg, SC

Working with Hillary has been a very positive, transformative experience. I initially went in to my first session skeptical about hypnosis in general and whether it could help me in particular. I was immediately put at ease as Hillary was kind, interested and thorough. She explained the difference between subconscious and conscious thought in a way that changed my perception of the entire hypnosis process. Our sessions revealed some powerful insights about past experiences and how they were holding me back from accomplishing my goals. Hillary has restored my self-confidence and equipped me with the tools I need to try to live and think as positively as possible. Thank you, Hillary!*

M.V.S Mt. Pleasant, SC

Working with Hillary was an exceptional experience in every way. She is delightfully personable and professional, and she made me feel extremely comfortable with her process. She was very thorough in her explanations of hypnosis, and asked genuinely thoughtful questions when seeking to understand my history. I was very impressed with her insightful evaluation and I really believe that led to a highly personalized and successful approach.

I have enjoyed great results, and have really seen a change in the areas that I had previously struggled to shift. Getting my subconscious on board with my conscious mind’s program has made all the difference, and I am totally delighted that I chose to work with TrueHypnosis to support me in my efforts. Thanks so much, Hillary!*

Emily C. Charleston, SC

I was left with a terrible fear of driving after a serious car accident in January 2013. I had been to four therapists and taken medication, tried meditation, deep breathing, you name it to overcome this anxiety. I even tried acupuncture. Hypnosis really was my last chance at driving normally again. Hillary was in tune with my problem from the first visit. I don’t know how it all works, I just know that after a year and 9 months, I was finally able to drive close to the scene of the accident without too much stress. And this was after just four sessions. I will continue to use the tools she provided and feel confident that I will soon overcome my fears completely. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done.*

Sherri M., Charleston, SC

Overall working with Hillary has been a truly meaningful, transformative and positive experience. When we first met she took time to answer my questions and help me understand her well structured process. From the start It was easy to see that Hillary is a very professional and genuine person that cares deeply about her work. Because hypnotherapy is such a person journey, it was very helpful for me to work with a person who inspires confidence. I would (and have) recommend Hillary and her work without reservation.*

Ted D., Mount Pleasant SC

I am a 65 year old man who has stuttered from time to time. I recently had a lot of small problems in my life that made my stuttering worse and I was having trouble controlling it. I contacted Hillary and after 5 sessions I can say (with out stuttering LOL) I am 100% cured. I am so glad I reached out to Hillary. She handled every aspect of what I will call and adventure in a friendly and professional way.

If someone asked me to describe this experience I would have to say “I was the bus driver and Hillary was the tour guide.” And it was quit an experience, all good.

Not only did Hillary help me to over come my problem I find I am much more relaxed and I have a new out look on life. I would highly recommend Hillary to any of my friends or family.*

Dennis M., North Charleston SC

Thank you for helping me to overcome certain life road blocks. It’s sometimes hard to recognize what to overcome and how to overcome it. Hillary was very patient and attentive. Immediately after the first session, I encountered many positive character changes which manifest positive opportunities. I am an artist that suffers with creative blocks, and issues of being confident in making life decisions. Hillary has helped me to be comfortable with making decisions (go with the flow and relax). Thank you Hillary.*

Tony S., Charleston SC

Going through a past life regression was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had. I was taken back to 680 AD where I was an Arab caravan trader. I lived a life with love for my wife and child and upon the death of my wife, I did what I could to raise my son. Experiencing my death in that life was utterly the most the beautiful thing I have ever felt, simply because of the raw, unbridled happiness I felt at being reunited with my wife. Even in thinking about it, I still get choked up. Words cannot adequately explain it. After the session, I felt an immense peace, after actually feeling what true love really is. I can honestly say that the therapy session changed my outlook on my present life and I am eternally grateful to have had the experience.*

Aaron M., Jamestown SC

Your techniques coupled with some traditional therapy sessions have really helped me in overcoming the bridge anxiety I was/am facing and I thank you for that. Not that I won’t book another session sometime soon, but I think I am going to work with the tools I have now for a while as they seem to be working. Thank you for your time and will certainly recommend your services to others.

Thanks again!*

Jack G., Charleston SC

Thank you so much for all your kindness and patience. Working with you has definitely given me more tools to use whenever I feel negative emotionally.*

Melissa S., Charleston SC

I contacted Hillary about helping me to eat on a regular basis throughout the day while avoiding unhealthy choices of specific foods. Because I live out of state, Hillary did a very thorough phone interview and created a very personalized recording for me. I listen to it most every night. I now find I easily choose to stop and eat throughout the day and I have no desire to eat ice cream. Some other unexpected benefits are: I go to bed earlier, I sleep soundly through the night and I no longer wake up with a pain in my neck. Hillary is well skilled at asking the right questions to effectively target specific concerns. I highly recommend her services.*

Deborah Ann G., Bedford MA

I am a 73 year old male with type two diabetes. I was having difficulty controlling my weight and my desire for foods that is not good for me. Sweets and carbohydrates were my down fall. Hillary Evans was recommended to me as a possible solution to my problem through hypnosis. After one session with Hillary and receiving the tape she made for me, I was able to use the anchor and trigger she installed in my mind to help me fight the temptation for things that were bad for my health. Hillary helped me to set a goal on my weight and the tools reach it. I have recommended Hillary to family and friends and I use the tape message she gave to fortify my efforts.*

Lloyd M., Orlando FL

After my brother passed away unexpectedly at 35 years old, I found myself thrown into chaos, suffering from anxiety as well as insomnia and trouble breathing. Although skeptical about hypnotherapy, I was open to try anything in an effort to pull myself together. And to my surprise and delight, hypnotherapy worked after one try. I’m sleeping through the night, can breathe again, and am managing my anxiety. I specifically recommend Hillary for her approach: she is present, interested and intent on getting to the root of the issue. I appreciated the questions she asked, and the way she clearly explained the process of hypnosis to a first-timer. I look forward to working with her in future to help further my career as a writer, interior designer and mother.*

Sarah R., Charleston SC

Hillary Evans helped me focus on using my mind to loose weight. It was pleasant and enjoyable when she put me in a relaxed state and led me to reach my subconscious. Her voice and words really made an impact that lasted long after the session ended. She provided tapes that really helped to reinforce and keep me on track to meet my goal. I have recommended Hillary to other friends and family as I really believe she can make a difference in helping a person help themselves on a deeper level.*

Nancy M., Titusville FL

Hilary, I would like to thank you for the recent excellent sessions with you. I have tried other therapists in the past without a great deal of success, but your methods and understanding have certainly made me feel able to move forward in a positive way. I would gladly give any of your prospective clients the benefit of my experiences.*

Neil R., Charleston SC

When I first talked to Hillary about past life regression, I was both intrigued and a little nervous. Hillary eased my mind and told me all about what my experience would be like beforehand. The parallels from my past life and current life were amazing! I was able to see certain things that I overcame in my past life which gave me hope and confidence about my current life issues. Hillary helped me put the pieces together and understand how repeating conditions from a past life helps break reoccurrences in my current life. I’m incredibly happy and impressed with Hillary’s talents!*

Carrie M. Charleston SC

I started working with Hillary because I was experiencing anxiety and low self esteem at work and felt it was holding me back from performing at my highest potential. At our first session I was nervous, but Hillary’s calm, professional and non-judgmental demeanor put me quickly at ease. We spent a good amount of time discussing exactly what habit I wanted to break (anxiety) and what new habits I wanted to replace it with (calmness and self assurance). Hillary also took the time thoroughly explain how hypnosis works. After our session she created a custom 20-minute recording for me to listen to on my own. It’s been about 3 week and my confidence is steadily coming back! I’d recommend Hillary for anyone who wants to let go of old habits and move forward in life.*

Emily, T. Manhattan NY

*Individual results will vary.

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