Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band

Gastric Banding is a restrictive and invasive surgery performed on obese individuals to achieve weight loss. The surgeon uses an adjustable silicone band, which is placed on the upper part of the stomach. The band squeezes the stomach and restricts the food from entering the lower part, this effectively reduces a person’s stomach capacity, and hence the reduced intake leads towards weight loss.

Virtual Gastric Band

Since gastric banding is an invasive surgery, it poses many painful side effects such as internal bleeding, infections, vomiting, etc, on top of all these side effects, the surgery itself can be quite expensive. With obesity rates increasing across the globe and the skyrocketing demand for effective weight management, Virtual Gastric Band has emerged as an effective solution.

The Truly Virtual Gastric Band Program  offered by Hillary Evans Clinical Hypnotherapist, is a remarkable, non-surgical weight loss technique, which utilizes the potency of hypnosis to recondition the mind and subconscious into being satisfied by smaller food portions. The hypnosis treatment is an amazing alternative to the various other invasive medical treatments available, as it’s completely safe with highly predictable results.

Success Stories

Since its inception the Virtual Gastric Band has experienced massive acclaim on a global theater. A lot of influential individuals have taken to social media platforms and virtual forums to share their experiences and results with people online, especially those who suffer from obesity.

Since the weight loss program doesn’t require any significant changes in lifestyle such as change in eating habits or strenuous workouts, hence the program has proven to be extremely popular with a wide demographic. The factor of affordability is also playing a significant role in why more people are opting for hypnosis based therapy, as opposed to surgery.


The hypnosis practitioner uses hypnotherapy to influence the subconscious mind of a person. It effectively alters the way a person perceives food and how the reward system works in association with their eating habits.

When a person undergoes a Virtual Gastric Band therapy, the connection between the mind and body is leveraged to convince the brain that the stomach has been reduced in size through surgery. Such is the power of the human subconscious mind, with an idea incepted; the person develops a strong mind body connection triggering one to stop eating when have had enough and are comfortable. Hence, after undergoing the procedure, the person will be able to eat the same things they would previously however, in smaller quantities.

Who Should Opt for Virtual Gastric Band?

The Virtual Gastric Band is for everyone who wishes to lose weight and live a healthier life. The procedure is an excellent option for those who don’t qualify or who don’t wish to undergo an invasive surgery. The procedure is available for a fraction of the cost involved in actual surgery. It is extremely safe and unlike gastric banding it poses no real side effects.

Those individuals who have been suffering from weight related issues and believe that surgery is the only option for them should consider virtual gastric band therapy before opting for invasive surgery.

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