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Do you wish you could stop worrying and let your natural athletic ability shine through? Do you freeze over an important putt while playing golf? Do you have trouble performing your best on the tennis court? Do you strike out instead of hitting a home run when runners are on base?

Many athletes have successfully used hypnosis to enhance sports performance and compete at a higher level by:
• Improving their concentration
• Enhancing their motivation
• Remaining calm and relaxed under pressure
• Enhancing their form and technique
• Or have fun playing again.

For some tips on improving your golf game check out Hillary’s monthly column “Mastering Your Mental Game” for Charleston Golf News.

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If you want to truly enhance your sports performance, Hillary Evans Charleston hypnotherapist can help. She will customize a program to help you perfect your golf or tennis swing, gain the admiration of your teammates, win more matches, or just get back to having fun playing sports.

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