Sports Hypnosis for Improved Tennis Performance

During the first week of April, top ranked tennis pro Serena Williams suffered her third ever loss to 78th ranked player Jana Cepelova in Charleston, SC. Williams has won more than her fair share of games and enjoyed champion status for years but even she became “mentally exhausted,” as she stated to USA Today. It goes to show that everyone has room for improvement, even a top ranked champion. Williams’ mental exhaustion may have been helped by sports hypnosis. The techniques learned in the state of deep relaxation brought on by hypnosis can work for anyone from beginner to pro status, helping the player push past the stress, anxiety, and pressures of competition.

Coming Out on Top

Jana Cepelova was barely known at all until this match. Of her victory she says, “I don’t know what to say. It was my dream.” Even if you’re just starting out, you can achieve your dreams as well and Cepelova is the proof!

  • Use sports hypnosis to learn motivation techniques that will help you improve during practice and give you a leg up before competitions.
  • Your hypnotherapist can work with you to overcome any fear and anxiety that you have about performing well in high stress matches.
  • Learn to use hypnosis to stay positive and combat feelings of inadequacy when a match doesn’t go your way.
  • You already have the tools that you need to improve your performance. Your hypnotherapist will enable you to access those tools and utilize them to exceed your personal best. 

Focus and Succeed

It wasn’t only her tennis performance that helped Cepelova succeed in achieving her dream. She studied and focused her game to get the right shots in and win points. “’I have to focus every point and attack her,’ she said of her mentality.”

  • Use focus and concentration hypnosis to get your head in the game and win!
  • Your hypnotherapist will work with you to help figure out what your focus should be and hone in on it so that you can use this technique when you need it.
  • Learn where you need improvement most and use hypnosis to concentrate on improving those areas in particular.
  • Use hypnosis to keep your focus positive so that you never lose the motivation to keep practicing and keep improving. 

Your Best Game Ever

The most important part of improving your game is to never give up trying! Focus on doing your best instead of just winning. Concentrate on exceeding your personal goals instead of beating everyone else’s records. Learn to play the game for yourself instead of for an award or acclaim. Sports performance can be a very positive way to feel good about your body and your own achievements but if your concentration is always on beating the competition, you’ll always feel like your personal best isn’t enough. Remember during your hypnotherapy sessions that the journey is all about you. Keep your concentration on motivating yourself to play your best game ever, every time.

*Source: USA Today

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