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Positive Hypnosis

We all have regrets. Everyone wishes that they could live a life without them but bad decisions happen and those mistakes are important lessons to learn from. Still, there are times when our wish is also to be able to make better decisions, to know what we really want out of life and to create the circumstances to get it. Positive hypnosis can help you reach into your subconscious and reframe the negativity and fears that may be holding you back, so that true happiness is a much more attainable goal than you ever thought possible.

The Five Phase Transformation

This process is Hilary’s own program for creating true and lasting change in your life. Through the steps in this program, you can learn to make better decisions and bring positive things into your life.

  • Connect and focus your intentions and discover the thoughts in your subconscious mind that may have been lost to your conscious on a regular basis. You can learn how to focus on these discoveries and concentrate on bringing them to the forefront, using hypnosis to gain the tools that you need to keep these positive thoughts in your life.
  • Hilary will give suggestions for change in your hypnotic state of mind while you are relaxed and open to new ideas. These suggestions are based on your own goals and the things that you have discovered about yourself.
  • The next step, where you resolve inner conflict is extremely important when learning to make better decisions. Inner conflict can be a huge detriment to thinking positively and resolving it opens up the path to using the tools you’ve learned thus far.
  • Clearing the root cause and processing for resolution helps to let go of old ways of being and any negative emotions or beliefs so that you may support the positive changes that you’re making in your life, make better decisions, and live happily. 

Make a Commitment to Happiness

Hypnosis for your better life works but it’s not all up to the hypnotherapy. You have to make a commitment to making better decisions using the tools that you learn during your sessions. The Five Phase Transformation requires your cooperation as well as the guidance of your hypnotherapist. When you make a commitment to happiness, you’re making a commitment to true and lasting change for yourself. When you mix perseverance with the steps of your hypnotherapy sessions, you set yourself up for true and lasting change!

Follow Through with Your Life Change

Learning to make better decisions and enacting positive changes in your life is only a step in your commitment to happiness. You have to use those tools to actually make better decisions. In the end, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis so, once you learn how to use positive hypnosis, it’s up to you to use it in your everyday life. The follow through is your decision and it’s one of the first ones that will lead you to true and lasting positive changes.


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Hillary is a graduate of The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (FIH), licensed by the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, and The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). The ACHE is one of the oldest and most respected organizations of Hypnotherapy Training and Certification in the world.

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