Improving Memory/Studying

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Improving Memory/Studying Through Hypnosis

Need help remembering peoples’ names? Can’t find your car keys, a cherished piece of jewelry, or important documents? Want to learn better study habits? Get better grades in tests? Pass the Bar exam to practice law?

The power of hypnosis can help you unlock portions of your subconscious mind that store and retrieve your short- and long-term memories. In fact, when used by a skilled practitioner, hypnosis can help focus attention on both parts of your memory system, how the information was stored, or how to recall it.

How To Improve Memory & Studying Through Hypnotherapy

Hillary Evans will use proven hypnosis techniques to provide the tools to help improve your memory. She will improve your concentration, help you stay focused, retrieve information, retain more information, recount your actions when you thought you’d lost something important, and improve study habits to make you a better student.

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