Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy3

Regression Therapy Through Hypnosis

Do you want to uncover certain memories from your childhood? Do you want to find a lost item – like a cherished piece of jewelry –– or remember details of a past event? Do you want to go back to a specific moment in time to confront a traumatic event and finally put it behind you? Or do you want to explore a past life to explain situations in your current life?

How To Make Positive Life Changes Through Regression Therapy

Hillary Evans will be your guide to Age and Past-Life Regressions. Age Regression is one of the major hypnosis modalities used in her practice and involves past events that can cause emotions and beliefs that can still affect us today. Most people don’t even realize that these feelings started long ago, can be holding you back, or can shape your perception of current situations. By using hypnosis to go back to the key past event that triggered these feelings, she will create positive life changes that can heal and transform you.”

Hillary also utilizes Past-Life Regressions to explore your deepest memories of past identities and life events. Hillary can help you use Past-Life Regressions as a tool to improve your current life by releasing and transforming any negative patterns that you could be carrying over and affecting you today, letting you overcome a fear, or strengthening a current relationship are some examples.

Most importantly, both types of Regressions provide a more empowered way of perceiving your past feelings and beliefs, so that you can stop repeating past patterns, change habits, and create major shifts in your life with truly life-changing revelations.

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