Working with Children

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Working with Children Through Hypnosis

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem? Have a fear that he or she wants to overcome? Have a habit to break? Afraid to speak up in class? Have trouble sleeping? Afraid of a doctor or dentist? Want to score better in school tests? Because children are naturally creative and embrace the imagination more readily than most adults, they’re typically excellent candidates for hypnosis. In fact, children are often in a state of self-hypnosis when playing imaginary games or role-playing in video games.

Improving Childrens’ Behavior Through Hypnosis

Hillary Evans will help your child overcome their issues — whether it’s shyness, issues with concentration, or bedwetting. As both a clinical hypnotherapist and a Mom, Hillary will use hypnosis to connect with your child’s subconscious mind, so that he or she can learn to change their thoughts, behavior, and attitudes. She will help turn negative feelings into positive emotions, give them more confidence, and help them be happy, well-adjusted kids.
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