Hypnotherapy for Infertilirty and Childbirth

Are you trying to get pregnant, but not succeeding? Are you now pregnant, but want to avoid an epidural or other drugs during labor? Do you want to shorten the length of your labor?

Overcoming Infertility Through Hypnotherapy

For infertility, hypnotherapy’s effect on anxiety and stress may be a very important factor. In 2006, a team from Soroka University in Israel followed women who were undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The study showed that 28% of the hypnotized women got pregnant with IVF compared to 14% of the women who didn’t receive hypnotherapy. The researchers attributed the success of hypnotherapy to relaxation, which may have reduced uterine contractions during the embryo transfer stage.


Hypnosis is also a very useful tool to help mothers prepare for their child’s birth by addressing any concerns or fears that they may have. HypnoBirthing can help reduce the pain and length of labor by helping you relax, enabling a higher level of oxygen to enter your body –– which is not only good for the baby but also good for producing endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever.

Whether you want to get pregnant, or are already pregnant and looking for natural solutions for an easier labor, Hillary Evans can help. Using proven hypnosis techniques, she will connect with your subconscious mind to help dispel any negative thoughts, help your body relax, help you visualize your baby’s birth, and help manage your labor pain.

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