Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

(Past lives/Inter life)
Do you want to explore your past lives? Searching for your soul mate in this lifetime? Want to find inner peace through spiritual development?

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy focuses on your spiritual journey, how it relates to theories of reincarnation and karma, and how to successfully use it to access past life memories to inform and improve your present life.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy covers the following:
• Creating and manifesting the life you want
• Past life regression/ couples past life regression
• Life between lives regression
• Finding your soul mate
• Natal regression
• Meditation
• Breath work

Hillary Evans, certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, will use it to focus is on your overall spiritual potential with the goal of helping you connect to who you truly are – in mind, in body, and in spirit. She will help you find peace, love, wisdom, kindness, grace, harmony, and interconnectedness.

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